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DIY: Make a Personalized Sewing Dummy Out of Duct Tape

One of the goals of A La Mode is to include ideas and tips from several points of view. That way this really will be a blog for real women, by real women of different tastes, sizes, and talents. Today’s post is a great DIY project by The Cheap Scot:

How To Make Your Duct Tape Double

When sewing or tailoring your own clothing, there is little in this world that is more helpful than a dress form in your size. But dress forms in the standard size 6 are expensive enough. Try buying one that’s adjustable, or even plus-sized. It sort of defeats one of the main purposes of the whole D.I.Y. thing. So what’s a girl, or guy for that matter, to do? Hey, you already make your own clothing. Why not make your own you? With a few cheap materials, and a little bit of time and effort, you can have a completely lumps-and-all accurate mannequin of yourself. Continue reading