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Finding Your Style

Have you ever seen one of those quizzes called something like “Which Style Are You?” where some magazine tries to pin you down into a category? If you like beaded jewelry, your style is bohemian! If you like black, your style is classic! Those never made any sense to me. Why do you have to pick just one “style?” Where did we get the idea that women can’t develop our own eclectic look comprised of a variety of things? I think the idea is to distill the “personal style” question into something so simple anyone can follow it, but to me it’s just too restrictive. So I say ignore all that and do things your own way! Here are my tips for discovering and developing your own personal style. Continue reading

Saturday Quickies

Happy weekend, everyone! Here’s a couple of quickies for your style file:

The Budget Fashionista (a great site) has some options for wearing the current skinny jean trend, even if you’re not so skinny. I have a few pairs of skinny jeans (I’m a size 12 with not-inconsiderable hips) and I usually make sure to pair them with a long top that has some volume to it to balance out the proportions. Or I’ll add a big, bright scarf to draw the eye upward toward my face. The trick with skinny jeans is finding a comfy fit and choosing the rest of your outfit with proportion in mind.

Stylelist investigates the idea that a “go away gray” pill might be in our near future. I hope so!

Have you heard about the new Huggies faux denim diapers? Personally I think they’re a bit silly… since when is it taboo for a baby to be seen in a diaper? But one writer actually hates them so much she cites them as a symptom of a blurring line between childhood and adulthood and rising obesity rates. She even goes so far as to say that “People swollen with fat look like giant babies, the lines and wrinkles pressed from their faces.” Yes, she managed to blame all our societal ills on silly-looking diapers and insult overweight people all at once. I for one am impressed.

Braids aren’t just for little girls anymore!

If you have wavy/curly hair like me, the approach of summer means one thing: frizz. At least once a summer I consider chopping off all my hair to escape the heat and the frizzy mess it becomes when exposed to humidity. There are ways to fight frizz (Allure has nine handy tips), but some days you just want that hair off your neck, out of your face, and off your mind. The hot way to handle that hair this summer? Braids. Check out this season’s looks after the jump. Continue reading

Capri pants: yay or nay?

To capri or not to capri? That is the question that women face every time the temperature starts to rise.

The capri pant is everywhere. You can’t enter a mall without seeing store windows filled with their ankle-baring glory. Women (myself included) turn to the capri pant because it’s a safe sort of compromise between long pants and shorts – when shorts are too casual but it’s too warm for long pants, the capri comes into play. Or we wear them because we dislike the look of our legs and want to be comfortable while still covering up.

But there’s a growing backlash against the capri pant. There have been blogs devoted to hating them, and if you Google “hate capri pants” you’ll get a plethora of links to which I will not subject you. Even Tim Gunn (who I consider to be my personal Patron Saint of Fashion) hates them!

So why all the capri hate?

Let’s be honest: they’re usually not that much cooler than long pants, especially if you go for the ankle-length version. Pedal pushers (knee-length capris) are a cooler option. But at that point you could just cut off an inch and have a pair of bermuda shorts.

The other problem with capris is that unless you shop very carefully you wind up with a pair of pants that hits you at exactly the most unflattering part of your leg. Most capris are either pedal pushers, which tend to hit at the knee and cut your legs in half, or they’re cut halfway down the calf, which is the widest part of your lower leg.

We hear the word “capris” and think of elegant images of Audrey Hepburn riding a bicycle, looking young and carefree. Unfortunately we’re not all built like Audrey.

Saint Tim tends to advise replacing all of one’s capris with skirts or casual dresses. And while I do love a comfy summer dress, sometimes you want to wear something that won’t expose your bits and pieces in a stiff breeze. Something more practical. I’ve learned to love the bermuda short, but shorts aren’t always appropriate either. So what’s a girl to do?

If you still want your capris it’s a matter of smart shopping. Look for a length that hits at the slimmest part of your leg. Avoid anything too tapered as it will only make your hips look wider in contrast. Avoid cuffs; they’ll make your calves look wider. And try to find a cut that hangs straight from the hip to the hem. Too tight and you’ll look stuffed in, too baggy and you’ll look sloppy.

When I wear capris, I tend to employ a few tricks to create a more flattering silhouette. If the capris are fitted (as most denim capris are), I keep my tops loose and bright to draw attention away from my hips. And I tend to wear shoes with a heel (a wedge sandal or something) because higher heels create a longer leg line and minimize the the dreaded cankles.

Have you sworn off capris, or do you still wear them with pride? Let me know in the comments!