$30 jeans and other sale items at Gap

Over at The Budget Fashionista, you can find five pairs of Gap jeans for under $30!

I love Gap jeans. My favorite go-to jeans are Gap Long and Leans. I usually buy one pair and wear them to death over the course of a couple of years since they run on the pricey side for non-designer denim, but Gap also has great sales like this where you can get their terrific jeans for less. They have plenty of other great deals right now too, like this great menswear-style shirt for $17.99:

They also have some pieces you can use to transition your summer clothes into fall like this cardigan that comes in four colors and starts at $14.99:

I find that Gap’s tops and tees tend to run a little roomy and I usually don’t need to worry about going a size up like I do some places. The fit of their jeans tends to depend on the cut and style, so you may want to try them on in-store. But if you can’t get to the mall, don’t be afraid to order online: Gap has a very generous return policy and takes online returns in-store.

If falling into the Gap isn’t your cup of tea, check out some other denim options under $40.

All images courtesy of Gap.com.

2 responses to “$30 jeans and other sale items at Gap

  1. I need new jeans, actually. I’ve never worn Gap jeans, but I own a pair of their slacks that came in short and actually were the proper length! Love those…usually I’m a Victoria’s Secret denim kinda girl, but maybe I’ll give Gap a try.

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