On Target: Liberty of London on Sale

Target has become the new place to be for big-name designers looking for a budget audience. Most of these collections (like the current Zac Posen for Target line) are geared toward younger shoppers. They’re made in juniors’ sizes and tend to feature sky-high hemlines and young looks. (I remain a tad bitter that Isaac Mizrahi left Target for Liz Claiborne since his line for Target was filled with gorgeous clothes that were beautifully fitted for women, but I digress…)

What’s great about these lines is that they give the average consumer a chance to own some designer looks. But you have to be careful: not all the prices are actually very budget-conscious, and some of the fabrics that have been used for capsule collections look and feel very cheap in person. (Jean-Paul Gaultier, I’m looking at you.) The long and short of it is that you’re better off checking out any designer collection in-store instead of buying online. You can find some real treasures sometimes.

With that in mind I hit my local Target this weekend to check out the Zac Posen line (which didn’t wow me) and was pleasantly surprised to find the Liberty of London capsule collection on clearance. This sale seems to be in-store only since items on Target.com are still listed at their full prices, so if you see anything you like hit the stores!

I picked up this cute halter-top dress for $14.98:

The LoL line features home decor, women’s and children’s clothes, swimwear, and even a bicycle in one of LoL’s signature bright prints. Oh yes, I said prints. The LoL brand is known for their colorful and flamboyant prints. I love this, but it’s not for everybody.

One word of advice: if you’re shopping the dresses in this collection, try going a size down. They run on the large side. I usually wear around a size 10 or 12, and the size 12 dresses I tried on were swimming on me. (Which actually wound up being handy, since I could only afford to buy one thing, and if all the adorable dresses I tried on had fit me I would have had a tough decision on my hands.)

The selection was already pretty limited when I shopped on Friday, so if you see anything online that you love you’ll want to hit your local Target ASAP to get the sale price.

2 responses to “On Target: Liberty of London on Sale

  1. someday they are going to come up with standardized sizes for women’s clothes. It may be in the far distant future when we have flying cars, but it will happen

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