Beauty Buy: The Sephora Color Play 5-in-1 Palette

This is my new favorite toy:

Sephora's 5-in-1 palette

It’s Sephora’s Color Play 5-in-1 color palette and it includes 50 eye shadows, 10 lip glosses, and 5 blushes all divided into five color stories:

• Dinner in Paris: Grays and blacks
• Coffee in New York: Browns
• Shopping in Milan: Purples and pinks, green
• Tango in Buenos Aires: Blues and greens
• Clubbing in Tokyo: Baby blues, pinks, and yellows

Each color story pops out of the large compact and can be popped into a smaller compact that’s included so you can take it with you for touch-ups. It’s basically five full makeup kits in one big set for only $29.50. $29.50! You couldn’t buy the same amount of makeup in drug store brands for that price!

And the really good news is that the makeup in this set is worth it. I have oily eyelids that cause even the most carefully applied eyeshadow to crease and smudge, and these shadows lasted on me all day. The color stood up to being outside on a hot day and even looked perfect after I took a nap with my makeup on (but don’t be like me – sleeping with makeup on is bad for your skin, and I always wash my face before bed!). The colors are buildable so that you can wear them sheer or layer them for a more dramatic effect, which makes this kit work whether you like to play with bright colorful looks or prefer a more subtle effect.

I bought this kit partially because I swear by Sephora’s house brand cosmetics. I have allergy-sensitive skin and it’s hard to find makeup that won’t irritate me and still wears well and comes in a variety of shades. Sephora fits this bill beautifully. This kit in particular is a lot of fun for me because I have so many colors to explore and try.

The only downside is that the kit doesn’t come with any brushes. I picked up this kit at CVS for $9.99, which comes with a travel case and four eye brushes. I’ve been using the eyeliner brush with some of the darker shades in the kit to trace my upper and lower lash lines in place of wearing actual eyeliner on humid days when makeup tends to smudge and run. The shadows in the Sephora kit lend themselves to that really well and glide on smoothly with no mess.

If you like makeup and playing with color, this kit is a lot of fun and a great value. I highly recommend it. (And gents, if you know a woman who loves makeup, keep this in mind as a gift!)

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